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Hey there,

Here at All Fishing Lures I will be writing and supplying information on all things to do with lure fishing; hard bodies, soft plastics, jig heads, vibes, braid vs mono, kayaking, much more, and maybe even fly-fishing (although I might do a brand new separate site dedicated to fly fishing)

Leave some comments and tell me what you would like to learn about.

So bookmark this site and check back regularly.   Better still; sign up for our Newsletter, that way I can let you know when the site is up and running.

Blue Skies and Tight Lines,

Nick H
All Fishing Lures

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3 Responses to All Fishing Lures

  1. Jose M. Duran says:

    need to buy trolling lures for Snook CD14 white and red and green tiger

  2. Andrey says:

    We have a party of 6 going to Chase lake the last week of June and this is our 5th year and the fishing has been to say the least faiatstnc. We average 1000 1200 walleyes for the week that we are there. My personal best was 118 walleyes in a day. Northern and Smallmouth fishing is also good. Halleys run a first rate outpost cabin business, friendly staff, when there is a problem always take care of them with a smile. I have been to other outposts and NONE compare to Halleys.

  3. Fishing Tips says:

    Hi There Allfishinglures,
    Maybe a little off topic, however, Making fishing lures may be easy for the seasoned do-it-yourself angler. But the maintenance of these lures is just as important to ensure a tip-top condition.
    Nice One!

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